Monday, May 12, 2014

Winding Down the School Year......Or Not

This time of the year most homeschoolers are winding down the school year and looking forward to those long, lazy summer afternoons. For us this year won't follow that path for a number of reasons. Top on the list is that earlier in the year we got a good bit behind when Grace was having her health problems. Nobody likes to do school when they are sick to their stomach all the time. Anyway we got incredibly behind in a couple of subjects, math and science to be exact. History will be finished in the next 1-2 weeks. English is basically already finished, but there are a couple of review products that require literature and analysis work until mid summer which is okay because both are great books that we enjoy reading together. We will be lucky to finish Algebra by the new school year (or whatever technically each family considers as a school year). Science should be finished by July with our regular curriculum and another review product.

A few months ago I broke the news to Grace that we would need to continue some school work throughout the summer. She is at the age where she understands the ramifications of getting behind and what you need to do to get caught back up. So far very little resistance at this point, but we will revisit that statement in the middle of the summer when she will probably tire of all of this. So the remaining time of 9th grade we will spend finishing math and science, continuing in Japanese so we don't lose what she learned, and any review products that come our way from The Crew. I all respects I believe schooling year round is not a bad thing. Less chance to forget some of the big concepts we have learned each year. Hoping this will continue each year.


Unknown said...

I can relate. Our very first year homeschooling that happened. Since then we completely switched to a January through November schedule so we can take breaks as needed. I always feel weird, though, when everybody is posting their "end of school year" posts, and we have only been into our homeschool year for 4-5 months. haha

A Candle to Read By said...

We are in the same boat, Diane. We have been so busy that certain subjects haven't been given the consistent attention they should have been, so we'll keep moving through the summer. Not having as many things to do and subjects to work on should make it a little less burdensome. And, maybe this will keep us "in step" for the Fall.