Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Busy, Busy, Busy

We had a very busy week with a little school work thrown in the mix. Grace volunteered at the animal shelter on Friday for a couple of hours. We keep up with all the adoptions and intakes on Facebook and it is amazing how fast some of these guys get adopted out. That morning we played with the kittens and by the time we had gotten home and eaten lunch three of the kittens and two of the adopt cats had been adopted.

Tuesday night was Recital night for the Cooperative and we had a going away party for my co-director. Grace had pottery in the art show but this semester didn't have any performing classes. We also had two Fiddler on the Roof practices this week which I am doing sound for and Grace will be stage makeup.
Yesterday was National Comic Book Day. Our local art store had an event that Grace wanted to attend. She tried her best to finish a poison ivy costume to wear but it just didn't happen. This is the art store owner and he put about 100 hours into his Captain America costume. Grace picked up three free comics though.

Last night was another art show for Grace and she actually sold a piece. She is the youngest in this art guild and the adults are always say the most encouraging things about her art and think she has a lot of talent.
As I mentioned we were able to get a little school work done. Mostly review products such as We Choose Virtues, Micro Business for Teens, and an Anne of Green Gables Study Guide from Progeny Press. I love sharing Anne of Green Gables with my daughter. It was always one of my favorites. We are watching the movie as we read the book to compare with the book. Micro Business for Teens has just opened up so many possibilities in Grace's mind about earning money now and future career plans. Future posts will have reviews for these products.
We are trying to finish up our history for the year. The Famous Men of the Middle Ages book has about 6 more men for us to study and that takes 2 days per many usually to read the chapter and answer the questions. As I said in earlier posts math, science, Japanese, and any review products will continue through the summer. English is just about finished as well. Grace has a book she wants to finish and we finished our fun read aloud this week (Percy Jackson series). We were thrilled to find out it wasn't the last book and that another would be out this fall.
This coming week will be a very busy one for us but also bittersweet. One more Fiddler on the Roof practice then three performances. This will be the last performance with my friend and co-director before she moves away. Grace also has auditions this coming weekend for the King and I and we are volunteering with the shelter and their annual yard sale to raise money. Then maybe we can all take a deep breath and relax for a little while before all Grace's summer art camps begin.

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