Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What to do When an Endeavor Explodes with Interest

Many of my readers know that me and a friend started a fine arts Cooperative two years ago. We have seriously put blood, sweat, and tears into this endeavor. In the beginning this was a ministry for us and really still is. A ministry to reach the kids in the community that want to perform and meet with other kids their own age one day a week in a safe, loving environment. Our kids love performing and when there isn't anything else out there you just have to step up to the plate sometimes and make it happen. Another point about our Cooperative is we wanted to make it very affordable and not turn away anyone that couldn't pay. God has blessed this Cooperative in so many ways. Every door has been opened for us, every stumbling block that comes our way is lifted. I have met so many great kids and families that I know will be friends for a long time. We all spend so much time together that we consider each other family. We just really feel that God has his hands on this group of families that attend the Cooperative.

Each semester has found us steadily growing with new families wishing to attend and participate. So far we have been able to accommodate everyone. Fall semester may be the first time that we actually have to turn families away because of class space and actual physical space. In the past two months I have had 15 new families wanting information about fall semester. This is both astoundingly wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. It is tearing me apart to know that some won't be able to attend. Praying God creates a way for everyone that wishes to participate gets a chance. I am really looking forward to a wonderful new semester at the Cooperative in the fall and hope the families are as well.
The Cooperative's first Spring Formal

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