Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Ever Lingering Question of What Curriculum to Use

This time of year many homeschooling mothers are pouring over curriculum catalogs, attending conferences and conventions, and looking for that great deal at the used book sales. We are all looking for that perfect product that will make the next school year fun, exciting, and education worthy. I of course have been going through the same bouts of searching and this year the big unknown was what to do for history. Some of the top contenders were Notgrass, Simply Charlotte Mason, creating a unit of my own, or Diana Waring's materials. I think what happened was that I was way over thinking it. The search began a couple of months ago when I attended the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville. Since that time frame an incredibly big part of our lives will be changing which in turn changes what kind of curriculum I need to choose for Grace to use. Normally I would have chosen something that was pretty hands on and that she would have needed my help with, but not this time.

Starting in August I will be tutoring three 5th grade girls in my home three days a week. This will take up a huge amount of my time and their history will consist of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Middle Ages. After a couple of hours this afternoon of again trying to make a decision about what to do because deep down I really wanted us to return to our Charlotte Mason roots and go with the Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum but that would have required some aloud reading on my part that might not be able to happen on the days I will be teaching the other girls. In other words I needed something Grace could do independently with very little help from me. I returned to my shelves and found a book that was purchased a couple of months ago at a used book sale, Streams of Civilizations Volume 1. Normally this would be way to textbooky for me but in this season of our life it fit the bill. We will count this as a World History credit for high school. One more subject choice down and almost ready to start 10th grade in a couple of months.

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Sandra said...

Well done with another choice down. It's always such a relief to have the decision made! I agree that we have to be realistic with our curriculum choices. We can't always go with what we love but with what will work best given our life circumstances at the time. What I use with my youngest is often different to what I used with my oldest when he was the same age. Often that difference come down to no longer having any younger more dependent kids to factor into the equation.