Friday, May 30, 2014

Kittens Galore - Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets

This was the cutest little thing. She sat up on this pedestal nearly the entire time we were there watching all the other kittens playing on the ground.
Fridays are our morning at one of the local no kill animal shelters to volunteer. This time of the year is high volume in the kitten variety. Charles Smithgall currently has about 15 ready to adopt with two litters in the isolation room that are only a few weeks old. While signing out today and older couple came in with another box of kittens that was dumped on their property but had respiratory infections so they needed to be treated and non contagious before we could take them.

I follow three Facebook pages for other local shelters in our county. The county we live in is big and nearly each city has their own small animal shelter/animal control facility. So far I have seen that one facility currently has 70 kittens, another 40, and so on. People just don't understand the importance of getting these outdoor cats spayed and neutered to squash this problem. It has gotten so bad that one of our shelters has started a neuter and release program for many of the feral cats in the community.

If anyone is looking for a new kitten to adopt there are many available everywhere. Spring is always considered kitten month with so many litters being born.

The kittens at Charles Smithgall are some of the lucky ones because this is a no kill shelter. They will stay here until they are adopted and if they aren't then this is their home for life. They have an adult cat room just for this purpose, but we have already seen three adult cats adopted from that room since we started volunteering (including one of our favorites - he was such a love bug).

If I had money my ultimate dream would be to help out in some real meaningful way. Maybe start my own animal sanctuary or give money to help enlarge our town's animal control facility which is lacking in space like you wouldn't believe. She has been on Facebook for a couple of weeks begging for foster homes because they are overcrowded and if something doesn't happen then dogs and cats are put to sleep. So sad. I know the economy is bad and that plays a role in some of this but on the other hand many people see animals as things and not family. They are easily thrown away so to speak. My pets are my family members and it just breaks my heart and hurts my soul to see so many unwanted animals in this world.

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