Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finally - A Muffin Recipe We Can All Live With

My favorite breakfast is a muffin or pastry kind of breakfast. Well on THM pastries don't seem to be in my future anytime soon, but muffins do have a strong possibility. I have been on an adventure trying to find a muffin recipe that everyone likes. This recipe has come the closest. Grace even likes them and that is saying a lot. Not only does she not like sweets that much but a THM sweet needs to be really good for her to eat it. I found the recipe through this link Healthy Living and the only item I changed was the sweetner. I used 3 tsp of Truvia and I used sugar free chocolate chips in place of the blueberries. I am not a purist and sugar free chocolate chips is something I use occasionally.

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Leslie said...

Great job finding something yummy that works for all of you!