Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finally, A THM Dessert Everyone Likes

This recipe came down in the THM Beginners group on Facebook this morning. I knew as soon as I saw it that I needed to make it. Especially since I had just got in my vanilla protein powder last night and was itching to use it in something. My version is mostly on plan with the exception of sugar free chocolate chips.
This is my third try on a dessert for the family. The first two I was fine with, the second hubby wasn't to keen on because he is not fond of cream cheese as a frosting. But this one got the seal of approval from Grace and that means it has to be good. I subbed Truvia for the other sweetners and used the conversion chart that is found on the beginners group site to do it. I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow. The only bummer is it uses 3 cups of almond flour and that stuff isn't cheap. I usually only purchase one small bag of flour at a time but it looks like I am going to need to start buying larger quantities. You can follow this link to see the recipe coffee cake. Just be aware that the owner of this site has one bad word in her description of her tumbler account. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way around it posting.


Kate said...

Costco has almond flour in a bigger size. It still isn't cheap, but less expensive over all. :)

Thanks for the recipe!

Unknown said...

Well, a cabin in the woods sounds wonderful, which is why I clicked over here. Since our family has discovered THM, I was excited to see this recipe about 2 hours ago. I just finished my second piece and it did not disappoint! Thanks so much. I did omit the chocolate though since I don't always like the bitterness from them.