Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Do Drama Geeks Do Over Summer Break????

You would think after two semesters of Shakespeare and Fiddler on the Roof that we would want a break. If you thought that you would be wrong. You see even though Grace was involved in Shakespeare and I did all the sound for Fiddler on the Roof we still didn't get enough drama for the year. So this is what we are doing. Once Fiddler on the Roof was being performed, Grace was a little disappointed that she didn't choose to be a part of it. I found the notice for a summer production of the King and I in our local community theatre and the rest they say is history. Three weeks ago I took Grace for auditions and she was cast in the wives chorus.

Now you may wonder how did I get roped into this production. Well, the directors sent out an email a couple of weeks ago asking if any of the mothers who could sing would be interested in being in the wives chorus as well. So, low and behold and I now also a wife of the king. I really may be second guessing myself soon - not sure if I am up to all the memorizing that goes along with learning the music. This is something Grace is very used to and memorizing comes quite easily to her. Me on the other hand --- not so much. Evidently the wives chorus is a fairly integral part of the production with 5 songs to learn and lots of dancing (much to Grace's disappointment). Grace loves singing and acting, but dancing  ---- again not so much. But all in all I think this will be a wonderful production and something great for us to work on together all summer. Performances will be at the end of July and beginning of August. Wish us luck, or better yet break a leg.

Grace from an older production of the Jungle Book

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Unknown said...

You are gonna be GREAT! I, on the other hand, am immensely enjoying catching up on some reading on the back row! This is going to be a wonderful performance, I can just tell already.