Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When a School Day Goes Well

Contrary to popular belief homeschooled students don't all love school or in some cases even like school. Sometimes something will ignite a spark of enlightenment or joy in the learning process but for this homeschool mother they fall few and far between. Three subjects though in our day to day walk are close to what I would consider enjoyable for my student. The first would be the current study of Henry II and his sons. We watched a documentary today off of YouTube that backed up what she had recently read in her Famous Men of the Middles Ages book. The second would be a product we recently started a review on for science and the topic we chose to start with was geology. Today while eating her snack Grace sorted all her previously collected rocks by color for two experiments tomorrow we will be conducting (streak test and hardness test). Finally the third subject was also a review product with a review heading your way in a couple of week - learning Japanese. Languages seem to come fairly easily for Grace and she loves all things Japanese.

This is of course how the day began. All four animals now think they have to be all over us when we come to the loft to do school work.

Very excited about implementing this new review product as our history for the next 4-6 weeks.  So all in all today was long (because we have all been sick with a stomach bug and needed to catch up) but she stuck right with everything I threw at her without a fuss. Great days don't come by often enough in the schooling world and when they do I definitely thank God for them. Here's hoping tomorrow is a repeater.


Sandra said...

Looking forward to your review of Philosophy Adventure. It's something I've got my eye on. Not sure we have the time to add it to the schedule, but I have my eye on it anyway.

A Candle to Read By said...

I am always grateful for those days when things go well. There are many uphill days, but maybe they teach us resilience, flexibility and determination along with the Reading, writing, and 'rithmetic.