Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - The Week of Being Creative

We traveled to Greenville for the Great Homeschool Convention on last Saturday. Of course the rest of the family went to the Zoo and I got to walk around the vendor hall alone in my own thoughts as well as speaking with various vendors and fellow bloggers.

 This semester of Cooperative has been very challenging. Each of our teachers has been sick at one time or another. The past two weeks have found me subbing and teaching my classes at the same time. This past Tuesday I took my teenage 4:12 Ministries Class into the elementary choir class to lead group games for the teacher that was at home with sick children. Grace lead a statues game sort of like freeze tag.
 This week Grace has been furiously working on characters for a new book she has in mind to write. Illustrating is her passion but I really hope she gets to the writing part because the story she has to tell sounds really good. Game Over is the name of the book and the picture above is the cover. She still needs to decide if she wants it to be a traditional book with illustration here and there, a graphic novel, or a manga. She is leaning toward a traditional book.

What We Studied and Learned This Week
Xenophanes the Philosopher
The Cell - creating a 3D model 
  Gave a speech about the Malaysian Plane that Disappeared
Continued to Learn Study Skills
Started the Chapter on Exponents and Scientific Notation in Algebra

 Classes Attended
Speech Class
Pottery Class
Stage Makeup Class
Improv Class
Art Class

 Reviews We Are Working On
Philosophy Adventure
Artistic Pursuits
Victus Study Skills
Supercharged Science

This is Grace's second pottery piece she has created through one of our review products. I will have a review up next month for ARTistic Pursuits Model Book. We have been to the gym twice and hoping to go again this afternoon. Grace and her dad have gone this morning to get some of her artwork copied to sell at an upcoming art show. All in all it was a good week. I am still suffering pretty miserably with my acid reflux and broke down to make an appointment with the GI specialist. They couldn't get me in for another three weeks so I guess I will burn until then. Hope you all had a good week home educating your children and that warmer weather is on the way to brighten all our days.


Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

I feel like I say the same thing every time I visit-your daughter is such a good artist! I'm glad that you have a place to share her amazing work!

Yay for conventions, too. One of these days...I will get to go to one! Glad you had fun!

Nicole said...

I finally went to the doctor last Thursday for my heartburn issues. She put me on Prilosec and so far it is working like a charm. Hoping that continues!

Hope you get some answers so you can get some relief soon!

Kym said...

I love seeing your daughter's artwork!

Hope you can get some answers and relief from the acid reflux soon. I suffered for a long time until I finally saw a GI. I take prilosec regularly.