Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Resources To Use

The past six weeks we have enjoyed using Mango Languages to study Japanese. You can see a review post here. We visited a great book store today and I found this book to help with also learning how to read and write in Japanese. You can also find the book at Amazon here.

Another fascination we have recently had is watching an Eagle Cam and Owl Cam. The Eagle Cam is through Berry College and has 6,000,000 daily viewers.  It is awesome to watch the Eagle parents raise their young. Another we just recently started watching I found out through another online support group. The Owl Cam is run by a homeschooling family that discovered an owl couple build a nest and lay eggs right there in front of their apartment. They purchased a camera and the rest is history. So adorable to watch.

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LJS said...

I love the resources you post. I have added great material to our day based on what you review!