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TOS Review - Motivated Moms

Motivated Moms Review
If I am to be brutally honest, I really don't like to clean. Even worse is deep cleaning. You know, wiping down baseboards, cleaning ceiling fan blades, top of the refrigerator kind of tasks. I'm good with keeping the house clutter free and "picked up", but when it comes to everything else I tend to feel overwhelmed with where to start. Numerous times I plan to clean but then get bogged down with where to start and stop for the day. Not to even mention the incredibly busy schedule my family leads like many other families out there. This is where Motivated Moms comes in to play. I was blessed with the opportunity to review Motivated Moms Ebooks as a downloaded Ebook through the TOS Review Crew.
Motivated Moms Review
Motivated Moms Ebooks is basically a chore list that rotates throughout each week/month so that everything is covered in a timely manner. The planner is a downloadable Ebook that can be printed in multiple types of formats. I chose to download and print the chore list in full size (8.5 x 11) without the Bible reading schedule. Normally I would have included the Bible reading schedule because I think it would be awesome to have it all on the same weekly print out, but a few weeks prior I started a women's Bible study that is on a different reading schedule. I also chose the black and white version, but a color version is available as well. The full size choice has one full week per page, both daily chores and weekly tasks. Currently Motivated Moms offers 16 different layouts to choose from. All choices retail for $8.00. The owner of the program specifically states that she doesn't want women to feel guilty if they don't get every task done each day that is on the list. If you can't get the task accomplished it will come back around again on the list. I was chosen to review the Ebook but other reviewers on the Crew had the opportunity to review the App version of this product which is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android.
Daily chores to accomplish on the list are feeding pets, making beds, wiping down counters and sinks, exercising, and so on. At the bottom of the daily chore list there are blank spaces to add your own personal household tasks that need to be taken care of on a daily basis. For me that meant watering backyard chickens and collecting eggs was added to the list. On the opposite side of the page are tasks to accomplish weekly but divided over 7 days. The tasks will even include some fun stuff that moms tend to forget to take time to do like hobbies and crafts. I did have kind of a chuckle about one of the tasks listed, "clip children's nails". Currently I have one child at home and she is 14, I don't think she would want me to take on that particular chore, but I do see where it would come in handy as a reminder for larger families with small children.
Motivated Moms Ebooks is a great product to help moms keep household chores on track. Personally my microwave has never been cleaner. I am a list maker so this type of product was right up my alley. Some days I missed some tasks, but that is okay. This product, if you will excuse the pun, motivated me to really get a handle on some aspects of my home that had been neglected over the past year.
Motivated Moms "motivated" me to completely clean out the attic.
If you are interested in purchasing a new household planner be sure to check out Motivated Moms. Also take a look at what some of the other TOS Reviewers thought of this product.

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Leslie said...

I'm using this now too. Even on the days when we don't get to it all, its better than before! I'm with you too on not liking the cleaning. LOL