Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Just Pushing Through

This week didn't flow easily at all. Everything seemed like a struggle. My acid reflux is bad - I see a doctor in my future. Grace wasn't feeling school this week and didn't want to accomplish much. One of our teachers was sick at Cooperative and I had to take on her class to add to my four that I already teach as well as find a sub for another. We didn't volunteer at the shelter because I am just plain tired and Grace had work that needed catching up on. So without further ado here is our week.

 Our constant companion during school is puppy. She thinks she has to be right there with us always. Grace has really enjoyed reading Gentle Ben. The author of the book has written many other animal stories and I hope to purchase her a couple of new ones soon once this one is finished. I guess from the picture you could come to the conclusion that yes we are one of those homeschooling families, at least Grace is, that stays in their pjs to work.
 Grace recreated a Georgia O'Keefe piece for her art homework this week. She spent a lot of time on this using her copic markers and blender pen to try and recreate the watercolor look.
 Bought a neat little book to add to our already great Japanese learning program through Mango Languages. On Sunday we took my mom out for lunch and shopping. Our main goal was to find a dress for the spring formal coming up next month. We were able to find something at Plato's Closet. Dress and shoes for 39.00. Due to modesty rules we needed a shrug that was purchased for 20.00 at Kohls. Regardless we got the whole ensemble for 60.00. It is looks vintage which was what Grace was looking for.
We have been blessed this year with some really wonderful review products. This week we received in the mail a new review product through ARTistic Pursuits. This is a new product they have and we will be working with clay. You should see a review on this one in about 6 weeks.

We still enjoy checking in each morning to see the Eaglecam at Berry College and the new to us Owlcam. Algebra has been a struggle this week. I think we have only gotten through 2 lessons and today we hope to finish a chapter test. I ordered a prep book for Grace's upcoming state required standardized test. I'm sure we will be working on that some next week. Another review product introduced us to a new philosopher this week through reading, writing, map work, and timeline. Gracie is gaining insight to study skills and how to take effective notes through yet another review product and in science we are learning about cells through our 4th review product. Today she will be choosing between two cell projects for diagramming purposes. On Tuesday Grace attended pottery, Improv, 4:12 Ministries, and stage makeup class. On Thursday she attended speech and art class. I think this week Grace's favorite educational endeavor was reading Gentle Ben. My favorite help in teaching would be the study skills guide.

Tomorrow we are driving to Greenville to check out the Great Homeschool Convention. We are driving up just for the day and only going to the vendor hall. I plan on purchasing some great CDs though of any seminars that look interesting.


Nicole said...

I would say Grace accomplished her goal of recreating the watercolor look in her Georgie O'Keefe project. Brilliant!

LJS said...

I love her art. She is a very talented girl. Thank you for sharing!

Karen said...

Seems like everyone has been having 'not the greatest week'. I hope you are feeling better now. I love Grace's art. She just blows me away with her talent. Puppy is adorable. :)

Sandra said...

I hate weeks that don't flow. Looks like you got a lot done though. Love Georgia O'Keefe and Grace's version of it. So did Miss 13 when she saw it.