Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Recovering From Sickness and Trying To Get Back on Track

Sunday and Monday found me recovering from a stomach bug so we didn't really get back to school until Tuesday. Luckily this Tuesday was a break from the Cooperative which meant we could catch up on some schoolwork. Grace started a new project for the art show in May. We visited the art store and found a new line of markers that are cheaper than her precious copics. She can buy three of these markers for the price of one copic. 

Grace spent one afternoon color sorting all her markers and colored pencils. Then two days later color coded all her clothes in the closet and hats hanging on the wall.

Wednesday afternoon the new bird cage arrived. This was a pic I took from the loft of them putting it together. The birds are so happy with their new bigger space. As you can see I tried to move them out to the main living area but Grace insisted on them staying in her room.

We got a new review product this week with Philosophy Adventure. Looking forward to really digging into this. Lots of neat writing assignments.

Yesterday Grace attended Speech Class, Art Class, and then off to the animal shelter to volunteer. This cat, MaryLynn really won over Grace's heart. Playing with the cats and giving them some social interaction was a lot easier than walking all the dogs last week, but she will continue to do both.

Another new product we are working on is Life of Fred Language Arts Series for High School age kids. We did the first chapter and Grace looked at me and said, "Are you sure this is for high school because it seems very elementary." I told her it definitely progresses.

What We Discussed or Studied This Week

Watched a documentary about Henry II and Finished the Reading and Questions
Started learning study skills with a new review product
Wrote a speech about the future from an information gained from a interview
Japanese Language Lessons
Volunteers in the cat room at the local animal shelter
Geology through Supercharged Science
Sir Gawain from King Arthur book
Vocabulary words with Marie's Words
CNN Student News - Ukraine, Russia invading
God's World News Magazine 

Classes Attended

This week Cooperative had Spring Break so Grace attended only Speech and Art Class this week

Upcoming Adventures 

Another new review product
Two outings with friends
Cooperative Classes
Creative Canvas Classes
Friends coming to spend the night


Christine said...

Visiting from Weekly Wrap Up. Thanks for sharing your week. The volunteering looks like a lot of fun!

Karen said...

A great week Diane. I am so glad you are feeling better. As always I love the art that Grace does. Also glad she is loving the animal shelter. That is right up Keilee's alley too. I looked at Life of Fred Language too and thought it looked like elementary age. I would love to know how you end up liking it. Happy Saturday.

Becca said...

Thanks for sharing about Life of Fred Language Arts. We're using LoF for math, but I had no idea there was a language arts curriculum!