Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up In Pictures

 Every day begins with animals. All four of them believe they need to be with us every time we start school.
 Sorting rocks on day after lunch. This was instigated by one of our review products.
 Another afternoon volunteering at the animal shelter. The cats were forming a line waiting for love.
 We are about four chapters into the high school Life of Fred Language Arts program. Grace says it is still very easy but she still loves it.
This past week was all about the experiments in science. A full week of geology learning through Supercharged Science. I will post a review in about three weeks.

Reviews We Are Working On
Philosophy Adventure
Supercharged Science
Mango Languages
Artistic Pursuits
Victus Study Skills

Classes Attended
Stage makeup
4:12 Ministries

Subjects Studied
Philosopher Thales
God's World News Magazine
CNN Student News
Study Skills
Reading House of Hades and Gentle Ben

Here's hoping everyone else had a good week as well and will have a relaxing weekend.

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