Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Do You Do When You Say "Yes" Too Much

In our modern times families stay busy. Sometimes incredibly busy. The business in our lives tends to ebb and flow. Sometimes like last summer we didn't have anything going on. For the first couple of weeks that was okay but then it seemed like the four walls were closing in on us. It was even worse because it rained every day for 8 solid weeks, but that is a different story to tell. After a really boring, slow summer I decided we were going to get more involved in the Fall when everything started back. Well, now I think it has gone in the opposite direction. Grace has gotten to the age where 1) she has high school work to do and it takes longer, 2) she wants to be around her friends more, 3) her art is taking off and requires more classes, time, etc. 4) likes taking classes outside of the home. Put all that together plus the fact that I run a Fine Arts Cooperative, write study guides for a lapbook company, review educational products that I need to write reviews and post on my blog, have recently joined a women's Bible study and small group as a family, working in exercise time at the gym at least three times a week, volunteer at the animal shelter once a week, planning and preparing for a spring formal, and going to two other classes outside the home each week -- leads to exhaustion and important things like extended family falling through the cracks. You can also add into this mix orthodontist appts, GI doctor appts, and my mother's doctor appts and there just seems like no time to sit and relax lately. The problem is Grace loves each and every one of these activities and it would be hard to let one go. Most will finish up in the beginning of May and we can all get a breather. Although we have already found two summer art camps Grace wants to attend as well as art classes with her normal teacher and helping with the little kid's art camps. Plus I know for sure math and science will continue through the summer because we are behind and there will be more review products to attend to as well.

I shouldn't complain and I'm not really. Am I exhausted? Yes. Sometimes do I want to quit everything? Yes. But the truth of the matter is I love homeschooling. I love our local homeschooling community. I like being involved. So I just keep on keeping on and look forward to a couple of weeks by the pool come June.


A Candle to Read By said...

Life's activities do seem to run in the cycles of "Feast or Famine." We are in the same boat. Our summers don't slow down the way I wish they would. I am always afraid of life passing us by--not as we sit and watch it, but as we are almost swept along ahead of it with the winds of busyness!

Sandra said...

I understand completely. I seem to be constantly swinging between feeling we are too busy or not doing enough in the way of outside activities. It doesn't help that my kids want to do more than I do so there is always friction trying to balance conflicting needs and wants.