Saturday, March 24, 2012

Midnight Show of Hunger Games

Thursday night our local theater had a midnight showing of Hunger Games on four screens, all sold out. The ministry drama team went as a group dressed in character. Yes that is Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales front and center. One of the group wanted to be really different and dress up as veggie tales. Actually the green costume on the end is supposed to be Larry the Cucumber. Crazy kids. They all had a wonderful time. This is a very close knit group. Two adult chaperones were present at all times. After the movie the group went to Waffle House to eat and discuss the difference between the movie and book. Grace is on the front row dressed as Prim. She got home about 4 in the morning.

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Unknown said...

My daughter went to the midnight showing too. She said there was a huge difference between the book and the movie. I've not read the book nor have I seen the movie! Sounds like a fun night out.