Friday, March 16, 2012

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a whole new experience now. Every purchase's ingredients need to be investigated for hidden gluten, HFC, sugar, and GMO corn. I just returned from the store where a normal visit would last a hour and now takes 1 1/2 hours. Hopefully it will get easier with time. Buying lots of organice and gluten free products these days as well as produce and vegetables. The budget has not really changed that much because I am not buying as much processed food and replacing it with higher priced organic so it basically evens out. I have had a couple of folks ask if the gluten trail has helped. I will say that I have more energy and feel brighter and clearer. There are some digestive systems that it has also helped with. The next step is getting me off the proton pump inhibitor (dexilant) which I feel is causing most of my joint and muscle issues. I have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday to hopefully devise a plan to wean off the dexilant and use more natural remedies.

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