Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nursery Coop

This is what I like to call the nursery coop. We set this up last year when Speckles sat on two eggs then hatched to females. They went 0ut to this pen at about 6 weeks of age. Betty went broody about 2 days ago, so I collected a couple of eggs each day until I had five for her to set upon. Last night after dark we put the eggs in a plastic nesting box and moved her to it. This morning when we woke up she had moved the eggs out onto the ground and built her own nest and is sitting nicely. As you can see from the photo just a little too much sun though. Tonight we will put up a shade so she won't get so hot. This afternoon now Peacock has gone broody. I have called a friend to to hopefully get some Buff eggs from her to put under her to hatch.

1 comment:

Free Spirit Beth said...

OK now I am jealous!
I gotta get to that coop and fix it!