Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Nightly Tradition

I tried this a few years ago but Grace wasn't interested. At the time her attention span was still just mainly interested in watching cartoons. Times they are a changing.... I decided a couple of weeks ago that I really wanted her to start watching programs from my childhood that I would consider wholesome entertainment. Grace is at that age where she spends alot of time in her room (drawing, reading and on the computer - no real tv watching) and it has been hard to get her to come down at night and do something with the family. I put Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons on our Netflix queue. This first night of an episode of Little House she complained about coming down. But the very next night she asked are we going to watch another episode and she was excited. So now the nightly ritual is to watch one episode of the two series I have picked for us to enjoy. I think in a week or so I am going to get us a puzzle to put together while we are watching each night.

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Free Spirit Beth said...

Great routine! I love the idea of puzzles. Puzzles are a lot past-time and have so much additional value. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment that two can share when it is completed.