Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today's Accomplishments

Scott went down to the garden today to pick clover for the chickens and found so much more. Red cabbage, kale and baby spinach. Now we have spinach in the fridge and kale chips drying. We placed all the seed orders this afternoon and Scott plotted out on paper where we would plant everything.

After church I did the rest of my grocery shopping and picked up agave nectar for my iced tea and truvia for some other uses. Chicken coop cleaning - getting 5-7 eggs a day right now. Went through four gluten - free books from the library and collected recipes that I might need. Prepared Grace's school work for tomorrow. Did two loads of laundry. Brought wood up for the wood stove for the next few days. Discussed purchasing and incubator for chicks this spring.


Fran said...

You have now made me feel totally guilty! My foot is playing up so I spent a large part of the day on the bunk with the impart. How does trivia compare to sugar? It has only just gone on sale in the uj.

Fran said...

I meant iPad not impart!!!!

Kelly Rhoades said...

Where'd you find Agave in the grocery store? I can only find it at the health food store in the next county.