Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching Up

This past weekend was very busy. Grace's drama group had a performance at a church on Saturday and then we attended my brother-in-law's 40th birthday party. Yes he was born on St. Patricks Day and is named Patrick. Anywho since we attended church on Saturday we decided to stay home on Sunday and get some items checked off our "honey do" list. I worked for three hours in the school room getting shelves of books organized and cleaning out items to go to recycling. Which leads right in to my next adventure. I have read a couple of blogs of home school families that have started lending libraries out of their homes. This really impressed me and set my brain in motion with wanting to do something similar. Instead of selling used books I will keep them and over the next couple of years continue to purchase books to hopefully open a lending library out of our home for home school families in our area. This actually lead into another adventure we are considering. If families were to come to our home once a week to check out books/materials then maybe they would like to stay and see the chickens, ducks, garden, mushroom growing etc. that we have going on at any given time. We would really like to start educating the public in all aspects of a self-sustaining lifestyle. In order to do this the yard and surrounding areas need major over hauls. So obviously this will be a process over a couple of years. Two more interesting items to share....Betty has gone broody so we saved 5 eggs and put her in the nursery with them this evening. If everything goes as planned we will have baby chicks in 21 days. Number two item of interest is we bought a big chest freezer for $75.00 from a moving friend. Very excited about this. Hubby was not so excited to realize it would only fit in our kitchen/dining room. He thinks it looks awful, a big white appliance sitting in the against the wall. So I came up with a brillant idea. Most of you know he is an artist. I asked him to paint a huge country scene on the freezer. Something that has a big red barn, chickens, ducks, and a pond that will wrap around the entire freezer. Now when someone visits instead of seeing a big white appliance they will see a work of art. He thought this was a great idea and is feeling much better about its location. I more thing, he gets to go back to his old weekend schedule next week which gives us plenty of time to implement all these wonderful ideas.

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Fran said...

The library and educating folk about the small holding is a really exciting idea. I am sure that lots of people would love to visit (I would!) I like the idea about the freezer too, how lovely to turn something ugly into something beautiful xxx