Wednesday, October 19, 2011


At the beginning of every October we hear the same question over and over again from Grace, "When can we get a pumpkin to carve?" It is real torture for her to wait until the final couple of weeks of October when we actually purchase one. Tonight she got two treats in one, spending time with her older brother and getting the pumpkin carved. I'll bet some of you didn't know I actually have another child. Meet Travis age 21. The second question that is asked, "What design should we carve?" Scott and Grace's favorite movie is Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas. So Grace went online and found a pattern to carve our pumpkin as Jack Skeleton from the movie. I believe it came out quite well. After the carving popcorn was cooked for all. All in all great family evening.

The other treat is pumpkin seeds which will be dried in our dehydrator over night.

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Fran said...

Great carving - nice and scarey! I love roasted pumpkin seeds and do them in the oven with sea salt. I think this year I am going to try and make pumpkin pie, never even tried it before. Say Hi to Travis and nice to meet you xxx