Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Days Passing By Quickly

It seems that each day passes so quickly which in turn makes the weeks and months fly by. I knew that this semester would be a heavily scheduled one with many outside of the home activities. But it was kind of planned that way on purpose. Grace was craving time with kids her own age. Over the summer she was really bored and lonely for companionship. So far my plan is working famously. For the past 6 months to a year Grace has said numerous times that she really wanted a close friend to hang out with and talk to. She has started spending time with a girl her age that has all the same likes (drama, performing, singing, drawing). This is just what she needed. So most weeks are comprised of two different drama practice groups, chemistry class, youth group at church, art class, and now visits between the two friends. Before we know it Thanksgiving and Christmas will arrive. I don't even want to think about Christmas. Normally I am a create a gift kind of person, but no plans or time this go around. I would much prefer not to give presents for the adults just something for the kids. Many years have come and gone when me and Scott do not exchange gifts. The older I get the less all that stuff means to me. I am also thinking that this year I would like to purchase gifts from smaller in town businesses to show our support instead of large chain businesses like Wal-mart. I know it is getting harder and harder for the local small business to stay open. I think I will take this moment to pledge to try and purchase most of the Christmas gifts from local small businesses in my area. Boy this post sure did start out as one thought and finish as another.

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