Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Quiet Weekend (For me anyway)

No one home. That really should have been the title to this post. Yesterday I spent the better part of my day and night alone at home. As many know Scott worked three 12 hour shifts Friday - Sunday. Home Monday - Thursday. So he wasn't home. Grace went to spend the weekend with a friend. So she wasn't home. Travis had plans to volunteer at a race track all weekend out of state. So he wasn't home. I don't think I have had that much time to myself for a long time. What did I do with it? First I cleaned the house. It is hard to clean house day in and day out and it immediately get cluttered again because people are living in the house. I called my mom and we went out to lunch. She took me shopping for a couple of hours and bought me and Grace some new clothes for the Fall and Winter. Yea mom! Once settling in back at home I watched two discs that came in the mail from Netflix then read for a while. Grace won't be back until later this afternoon and Travis is still asleep in his room, so I again am alone. I had plans to attend church alone this morning but sleeping in kind of took over. Missing having Grace home. Looking forward to picking her up this afternoon and then we will head off to choir practice. Hope you all are having a nice relaxing weekend.

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Kelly Rhoades said...

Wondered what happened to you! I have your book too. Want to go to Goodwill with us tomorrow?