Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lots of Chores to Accomplish Today

Some items on my list have to be done today and some are suggestions. But I hope to get my entire list accomplished today.

  • Go through science units that I downloaded for free

  • Clean bathrooms (my most hated chore)

  • Watch the new Fringe episodes on Fox

  • Clean chicken coops and fresh water

  • Help Grace learn her lines for Robin Hood

  • Walk 30 minutes

  • Have Grace try on new pants and costume for play

  • Work on cross stitch Christmas ornaments

  • Make egg salad for church fellowship dinner tomorrow

  • Make cookies for here at the house

  • Make blondies for church fellowship dinner tomorrow

  • Declutter at least two rooms

  • Wash linens

As I type this I have already finished four items on the list. Right now sitting down to catch a breather before plunging ahead with more chores.


Fran said...

You will be too busy. It is the weekend, just cut the list in half!!! What are blondies? x

Unknown said...

Thanks Diane. I love the idea of how our Founding Fathers were educated. They used REAL, LIVING, books and kept learning journals of what they've learned. I have been amazed at how children, and myself can retain knowledge when what is learned is written down.