Monday, October 10, 2011

Chicken Update

This summer we let one of our broody hens sit on two eggs. They both hatched and we believe them both to be hens. Yeah, no more roosters. In the picture on the left is the run and coop of the adult game fowls. In the picture on the right is the nursery where the two baby chicks grew up in to 20 wk old teens after spending the first 5 weeks of their life in a brooder in our kitchen. There is fencing behind that big tree that connected both coops so the adult chickens and baby chicks have spent the last two months seeing each other every day but not able to touch one another. Today was the momentous occasion of integrating everyone. Scott cut a door between the two coops and let nature take its course. The only real worry we have is that the rooster (because he is not the nicest) might try to hurt them. But so far everyone is getting along great.

Here is mother and daughter getting to know each other again. Another update is egg production. We are getting 5-7 eggs a day. Just to give you an idea of what this many eggs looks like - I gave a dozen eggs to a neighbor 4 days ago, cooked 10 eggs for egg salad for a church dinner yesterday, 4 eggs for two separate desserts and 2 for breakfast yesterday. Guess how many I still have in the fridge? 17.

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Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

The egg use description at the end made me laugh. Sounds like our house! :) I hope your rooster doesn't go near them, I'll never forget the day our handsome Mr. Clyde decided our 2 new girls were ready. I think it scarred them for life. He tried the first one and she screamed and came running in the indoor coop absolutely panicked. He tried the second one and she'd seen her sister so she started screaming before he even got near her. Poor guy was so confused. It was quite the day.