Saturday, October 29, 2011

Off To the Animal Hospital

This is our 7 month old cat Silver. As many of my readers know we found her in a Mexican restaurant parking lot about 4 months ago. She has had one medical issue after another since bringing her home. We love her, she is one of the sweets cats I have ever come across. Anyway the past two days we have seen some vomiting and diarrhea, subdued behavior, etc. Also I wanted her heart murmur to be checked which was graded a 2 out of 6 about six weeks ago when she was spayed. Well we couldn't find a whole lot wrong with her so the doctor gave her an injection to settle her stomach. The heart murmur though is a different story. It has progressed to a grade 3 out of 6. The next step is to do a echo but that costs 300.00. Not in the budget at the moment. The doctor suspects she has myocardial hypertrophy which will continue to progress until she needs to be put on daily meds. From my understanding myocardial hypertrophy thickens the heart wall and blood cannot be dispersed properly. As long as she continues with no symptoms (fainting, coughing, heavy breathing, sudden death and blood clots in the rear legs) we can hold off on further diagnostic tests and medications. But it is also possible to live a long life on medication. So we will hope for the best and try to start saving money for the echo.


Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

Hope Silver is feeling ok. We had similar symptoms with Cait about a month ago. She was treated then started vomiting again. I switched her food with a different brand and she's good as new. Hope all is well.

Frances said...

I hope Silver does okay. I know she is blessed to have such a loving family.