Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Give Up

Two weeks ago three of our chickens went broody. It took a week to break two of the hens from their broodiness and they are now laying again. One hen (speckles) has decided she is going to sit no matter what. We have knocked her out of the nesting box up to 10 times a day and she just goes right back. So we will admit defeat and have decided that the next three eggs that are laid by the other hens are going under speckles. That means more baby chickens in 3-4 weeks which Grace is very excited about. The other baby chickens are now almost 7 weeks and doing really well. They had trouble with a bout of parasite 10 days ago, but everyone pulled through. I see how it is easy to just keep collecting chickens once you start raising them. But I guess we fill like the more eggs the better, unless we end up with three roosters. Ugh!


i cant decide said...

We are hoping our broody hen will have success hatching some eggs. We just got rid of our roosters so this will be her last chance.

Tracy S said...

Oh, baby chicks! How fun! We went to a new farm store today and they had a tub for baby chicks....the kids were soooo excited until they got to the tub and there were no chicks!
:( The lady unfortunately was rude about it when the kids asked if they had any more chicks. Can't wait til we get on our land!!!! :)

Staci@LifeAtCobbleHillFarm said...

Oh boy, that's always my fear - will they be hens or roosters. I have 3 broody right now and I just keep taking the eggs from them. We take them out of their boxes for long lengths of time as well, but back in they go. After a few weeks they'll be up and moving around again.
Good luck!

Kelly Rhoades said...

Do you need to treat the coop area for the parasite?