Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lamplighter Publishing

We are new to Lamplighter Publishing. I was at a cross roads as to what Grace would be reading for Literature this year. I had already picked out two books but needed a few more to even everything out. Lamplighter really came through. We recently started listening to some of their audio books and they are wonderful. As most already know, Lamplighters book and audios are expensive, but oh so worth it. After discussing the choices with a most helpful staff working the Lamplighter booth, the decision was made to purchase two books and one audio. It was recommended if you could only purchase one book from them, hands down it should be A Peep Behind the Scenes originally published in 1877. The second choice was Helen's Temper for a book dealing with the character trait of anger originally published in 1872 and an audio of The Captive. I feel quite certain over the coming years we will be purchasing more excellent quality books from this company.

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