Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflecting on Last Week

I found that I didn't post alot over this past week. I guess just not alot of earth shattering stuff happening. During school alot of the week has been practicing and preparing for the standardized test Grace will be taking this week. Neither of us are looking forward to this. Let's see what else. Gardening, chicken care, cooking, and cleaning have mostly filled our days. Speckles (the broody hen) is still sitting on the two eggs we gave her a few days ago. The only glitch was today when she got off the eggs for a few minutes to stretch her legs and eat, Betty jumped up in her nest and laid an eggs to add to the other two then started sitting on all three. Had to pick up Betty and remove her and put Speckles back on her eggs. A couple of times today I had to retrieve Betty from a nesting box. I think she was feeling a little broody today. Saturday was mostly spent with my sister and her family. Went to Captain D's for dinner then the super Walmart for some groceries. The exercise in these parts has been severly lacking, so Grace and myself have started back up with the walking and bike riding. Going three days strong! Also developed a chart of items, attitudes and chores that Grace can do to aquire electronic time (TV, computer, DS). Hoping to engage her more with reading, listening to audio books, nature, hikes, etc.

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