Monday, May 9, 2011

Mountain of Lettuce

This mountain of various types of lettuce was cut from our garden this morning. I split some of it with two other neighbors because it was more than we could eat. Although I could share some with the chickens if needed. This picture doesn't even show the four containers of mixed greens that I put in our fridge to keep. We have chard, spinach, iceberg, black seeded, romaine, bibb, and a couple others with the names slipping my mind. Looks like salads for everyone this week and I still don't think we will finish all of it. That's okay, just means a tasty treat for the chicks.


Jen U. said...

That is awesome! We are closing on a house here in Alabama on 3.4 acres next month and we can't wait to get our garden going over there! We will be raising chickens too. ;-)

Stoney Creek Homestead said...

It seems strange to read that you are harvesting from your garden, and I have yet to plant my mine. I am so jealous.

Annie Kate said...

Wow! We planted our lettuce on Friday! It will be a while before we eat any of it. LOL

Enjoy your garden.

Annie Kate