Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Past Couple of Days

The drudgery part has been standardized testing. The past two morning have consisted of traveling to a friend's house that is administering the test to Grace and her son (they are in the same grade). Yesterday was Language Arts, today was the dreaded Math. I think she was upset because on the last section she didn't finish all the problems. But my friend explained that it is kind of made that way. Everyone is not expected to finish that section in just 15 minutes. Anywho, tomorrow is the last day and it will be Social Studies, Science, Reference Materials, and Maps. So glad we only have to do this every three years, not again until 9th grade. I know Grace is looking forward to it ending. The other drudgery today was a visit to the dentist, but no cavities, great news! We are slowly continuing the process of working from her list to gain electronic time. With the standardized testing going on it has kind of put a kink in the works. We will work through it. I am getting alot of "Why are you doing this to me? and "I don't like you very much right now". Hubby has been accomplishing some side work yesterday and today, plus sold one of his art pieces at one of the galleries in town. Only two more official days of school. I have made a list of some fun science stuff that Grace wants to do over the summer to purchase from Home Science Tools. Owls pellet kit, volcano kit, beginners dissection kit that includes a grasshopper, frog, and earthworm, and a solar powered building kit. I figure we can get some more science in this summer without really doing science.

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