Monday, May 9, 2011

Nature Study/Science Purchases

This coming year for Science there will be a fine line between Nature Studies and true Science Studies. Everything I purchased for Nature Study can also be used for Science. So along with the smaller science units about the human body, Thomas Edison, Light, Physical Science, etc. I will also add in Nature Studies. All the Nature Study items came from Queen Homeschool, which I love. The first is Pagoo and the corresponding multi-level study guide. Pagoo is an intricate study of tide pool life present through the storey of Pagoo, a hermit crab. Some of the activities in the study guide include: sketching, defining vocabulary terms, writing assignments, lists of sea life that Pagoo comes in contact with as well as researching some of them, and following the growth of Pagoo. This was actually cheap purchases - the Pagoo book was purchased at the used book fair for 4.00 and the study guide was purchased new for 6.95.

Mary's Meadow was the one Nature Study purchase I was really going after. There are three books in the Discovering Nature Series from Queen Homeschool. Two of the books are strictly for elementary ages, but Mary's Meadow can be used up through junior high. The book contains stories followed up by nature study assignments. Lessons range from researching different types of birds, sketching, differences of habitats, wildflowers, how to plan for a garden, trees up to composting, planting bulbs, and building a cold frame. This was a pricier purchase at 34.95.

Last but not least is the copywork books published by Queen Homeschool. I don't require Grace to do all her written work in cursive, she prefers print. But we do weekly practice to keep our minds refreshed with cursive writing. This particular copywork book is all things nature with poems, quotes, etc. The copywork book are in print but I will use it to have Grace convert to cursive for practice a couple of times a week. I really cannot wait to start with these materials in the late summer.

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