Friday, May 20, 2011

Our First Semi-Unplugged Day of the Summer

After a full week of testing both myself and Grace slept in this morning. I think we both got up about 9:00. I told Grace she could watch TV while eating breakfast and as soon as I had finished taking a bath and getting ready for the day she would be finished with electronic time for the morning. This morning we did a Home Ec activity - taught Grace how to read a recipe and we baked choc. chip cookies. While waiting for each batch to cook we read a few chapters from Peter and the Starcatchers. Only a few more chapters to go and we will be finished. Eager to start on one of the Lamplighter Publishing books I purchased at the convention. Probably Helen's Temper. Grace then put away the clean dishes, made her bed, and picked any of her belongings in the house and put them away. This may not sound like alot, but I had created a monster, up till now she was doing no chores, etc. We ate lunch and now a friend is over for an hour before we head out for the afternoon. Lots of outdoor time ahead of us, Field Day with our homeschool group. With the few minutes she earned this morning she watched a little TV while eating lunch and played a video game. Now she is out of minutes again. I think tonight when we return I will ask her to sit down and watch a documentary and crochet for awhile. This will earn her some minutes to use before bedtime. Also plan on listening to a new audio book in the car on the way and back from Field Day. Had to ditch the previous audio book due to some language issues.

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