Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scripture Balloon Release

Today was the last day of standardized testing. My friend asked us if we wanted to stay and release balloons with scripture inside. Grace was very up for that. Especially doing something fun after testing for two hours that morning.

We had a little wind and no trees or power lines to hang them up. The balloons went way up in the sky.

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Kelly Rhoades said...

You got some great pictures too! Abby wasn't wanting to let go of her last one. We've finished a year. I tried your list of things to choose from. Nathan has already done 1 day of things and earned computer time. So funny because he was playing endangered animal games and didn't know he was learning, Zach was playing with an electricity investigation kit in his room, and Julia's excited about a Spanish workbook. I guess nerds breed nerds! I bought that horse book for Abby and she's thrilled.