Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Grace Has Been Up To Lately

More than anything else in the world, Grace loves to draw and create. Dragons are still a big pass time and draws them often. But here lately her passion has been creating characters and giving them back stories. Her current character that is being drawn alot is Suzy.
Twice a week I try to get Grace to draw something out of her element to challenge her. Most of the times its is birds, chickens, animals and still lifes. I think this week I might challenge her with a landscape or a house.

This is Suzy.

One of Grace's comic strips of Suzy.

Suzy as a teenager.

Again, Suzy.


Tanya Murray said...

Grace I can see how your art is evolving with time and practice. You seem to be gaining a lot of confidence and maturity. Chooks always are dear to my heart so I have to say that the chicken is my favourite.

Jen U. said...

Very talented!