Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Find of the Day

We were stopping by the library just to pick up some on hold books. Went to the free cart which usually only holds free magazines that people have dropped off. Today there was this little treasure of a book. Homes and Habits of Wild Animals. We love old books around here. I didn't realize till we got home that it was published in 1934. What a find. Mostly because the book is just so sweet and it was great to get it free just for the illustrations alone. The binding is pretty shot but that's okay. Sorry for all the pictures but just wanted to share some of the great illustrations with you.


Kelly Rhoades said...

Love it you lucky dog!

x...K...x said...

Looks great. How lucky! I actually might look that up and try to find one on Amazon.

Annie Kate said...

I'm trying this again! LOL Each time I try to leave a comment, I get kicked off, but I just wanted to tell you I LOVE that book!

Annie Kate

PS It would be easier if you allowed name/url comments.

PPS It looks like it's working this time! So I'll add that I also love your day at the park. But 1000 steps?!? That's a bit too much exercise. :)