Sunday, November 28, 2010

Busy Weekend

Saturday - Went to get groceries and run a couple other errands and made doughnuts with the new doughnut maker, great success. Prepared to go to a long drama practice from 5:30 - 8:30 but got the call from my mom right before we left that my dad had another TIA episode and needed to go to the hospital. Dropped Grace off at drama rehearsal and left to meet mom and dad at the hospital. They kept him for observation and was able to come home on Sunday. They just added a baby aspiring each day to his blood thinner that he is already on.
Sunday - Went to the early service at church. Travis played in the praise band again, this time the electric guitar. So proud of him. Right after service picked up some breakfast for mom and dad and headed for the hospital. Stayed until lunch and meet Travis to eat. After lunch went to my sister's house to help her decorate for Christmas. I offered to do this because all of our extended family is coming to her house this coming weekend for Thanksgiving/Christmas get together. While there Grace and my nephew played in the leaves. Leaves were all in her hair and shoes. But they had a great time. Four hours of decorating and headed home. Now contemplating working out. I have put on too much weight lately and haven't exercised in a couple of days.

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