Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Been Going on the Past Couple of Days

Not blogging, as you can plainly see. Just haven't felt in the mood. But thought I would get on for a few minutes and catch you up on the past few days:

Wednesday - Took my mom to Emory for her three month cancer scan and blood work. Go back next week to find out the results. She got to take the last three months off from treatment because the cancer lesions had not spread or grown very much. Thyroid cancer can be extremely slow growing as far as cancers go. Please pray that again the three lesions that are present have not grown and that no new lesions have spread anywhere else. These last three months have been great, mom has felt wonderful and put weight back on. Grace stayed with my dad for the day while we were gone. Sent her with some schoolwork to do on her own and then took her to her art lesson late in the afternoon.

Thursday - Yesterday was school in the morning, out for lunch and tone chimes class in the afternoon. We all went to my mom's house for dinner last night and watched old family videos.

On the school front: In Science we are studying weather. Grace loves Bill Nye the Science Guy and have been watching some of his videos about Atmosphere, Wind and The Water Cycle. Updating our weather chart daily, following current hurricanes, etc. In History just finished a book about The Story of the Chicago Fire and have started The Story of the San Fransisco Earthquake. Next week will be a small study on Alexander Graham Bell. Math has been all about measurement. Metric and English Standard. Grace finished the fourth Percy Jackson book and is anxiously waiting for the fifth to be delivered.


All American x5 said...

Sounds like a busy week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane
Been a while since I have been able to visit, but so glad that I did. Loved your Pioneer post. Hope that next week is a blessed one for you.