Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baking Day and Grocery Shopping

Went for groceries this morning with my mom. Spent 119.00. Not to bad for what I got. I do still need to go to one more place for meats. Have you noticed that most families can hardly afford to put meat on the table these days. I sure have noticed. I have also started having somewhat of a conscience these last few months about what type of eggs, chicken and beef that I am buying. I wouldn't say that I am buying organic, but surely cage free eggs, free range chicken and grass fed beef. Ever since we started having chickens at our own home my feelings have started to change about how we eat meat. I think my family would revolt if I tried meatless but at least meatless a couple of days a week. Our own chickens are young and we probably won't get any eggs until Spring. Hopefully we might get more chickens in the Spring that will be better layers, since we have now game hens and a bantam. Also looking in to possibly some ducks. But I don't think we could kill them to eat, too attached. If we had to live off our own land we would definitely be vegetarians. Today is also a big baking day. Already finished pound cake (what I eat for breakfast sometimes with a glass of milk), brownies for Travis, and tonight granola for lunches and snacks. This is the first time I have not brought back from the grocery store some type of cookie, snack cake, etc. I am really going to try hard to cook all snacks and lunch items from now on. Wish choc. chips were not so high. 6.58 for a big bag, but that will be used for cookies over the next two weeks, muffins and some to go in the granola. I still really need to learn how to cook hamburger and hot dog buns as well as dinner rolls. All a process, learning every day.


Deb said...

Oh, that reminds me, I should make granola today. Do you shop for chocolate chips at Sam's or Costco? Baking supplies are much cheaper there. I have made hamburger buns and dinner rolls using the same bread dough I use for bread, just shaped them differently. Hot dog buns, I have not attempted yet, but I saw a pan on the King Arthur Flour website that is shaped like that. If you have a good granola recipe, I'd be interested in seeing it sometime!

The Zoo Keeper said...

193 here....ugh...and that's with some lighter soup and sandwich meals thrown in, but you do know my family and how they think every meal is a celebration. I'm slowly working them away from thinking that every meal must be big.