Thursday, September 2, 2010

Foreign Language

I am stumped. This year had planned to use some computer discs of German that we already had to just mess around with, but not really feeling it. I would really like for Grace to start Latin or Spanish. Does anyone out there have a favorite curriculum or program for either. I am truly leaning toward Latin. I want to start off with something very easy going and fun. Remember that she is already in 6th grade but has not had any Latin at all. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Catherine said...

My daughter used PowerSpeak (used to be Power-Glide) Latin successfully. I liked that she could do the whole thing online. Right now, she's using Mango for Japanese. Mango is another online program, but we can access it for free through our library system.

I'd encourage you to check out whether or not your library has any options - more likely if you're part of a larger system. Otherwise, PowerSpeak has lots of different levels. I'm partial to Rosetta Stone, but it's pricey and my kids weren't crazy about it.

The Zoo Keeper said...

Julia is loving Rosetta Stone. I throw in other things like having her make a child's book out of sentences she has learned yet. You're welcome to come over and let Grace do Spanish here if you want.

I am blessed! said...

Hi Diane,

You are a winner of my blog giveaway, but I don't have your email address. Please use the contact tab at the top of my blog to give me your email address and your first and second choice prizes that you'd like to win (you're my second place winner).

Oh- and I LOVE languages! We're using Hey Andrew teach me some Greek. We'll start Rosetta Stone's Mandarin Chinese this summer since we plan on visiting China after core 5 next year, but for now Greek is enough for my gang. I love German and have lots of that around, too. I also studied Latin growing up and we tried Prima Latina for one year. The kids liked it ok, but I realized Greek held many of the same benefits with the additional benefit of being a great Bible study aid.

Best of luck as you choose a language program.


Kristenph said...

We've studied Latin for several years now. My son used the Latin for Children series by Classical Academic Press and has moved on to Latin Alive by the same company. My daughter used Latina Christiana and is starting First Form Latin by Memoria Press. Both are excellent programs, but I've found different ones worked better for my different kids.