Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Finds

This first pic is of a find I actually found this past Spring at our home school convention. Many of you know that I love for many CM type curriculum. This study guide and book is about the Journey from Egypt to Caanan. Very inexpensive, 6.95 each. I would recommend looking at all Sandi Queen's history books and study guides. We have never been disappointed.
Our local library has a magazine discard cart for anyone in the community to drop off old magazines and take some. Yesterday I lucked out and found 8 current National Geographics and some Audubon. Hubby loves National Geographics. Then today while Grace was in her Tone Chimes class I had some time to kill and went to another branch of our library system. They had a book cart with free books and a magazine cart with freebies also. I got four Janet Oke books and an old Mother Earth News mag as well as a Smithsonian and Far Above Rubies. I feel like I hit the jackpot over the past couple of days.

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