Friday, September 17, 2010

Taking the Day Off

Decided to take the day off from school today. A historical house in our community (The Charm House) is having an estate sale today. We have always wanted to go inside. Through the years the house has been a hospital, bed and breakfast, and rented out for events. Right now it is own by an individual. Doubt we can afford anything in it but thought we would do a walk through. Also this afternoon is home school bowl and skate at the local skating rink. After that we have to go make a big grocery trip. Last night Grace went to the local fair with her grandmother and aunt, had a good time. Tomorrow is her first drama workshop with the community theater then we are heading out to a Pioneer Days at another local historic spot and Grace is having a friend spend the night. Lots going on so thought a break from school might be in order to prepare for all of this.

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