Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grace's Projects

Last night Grace finished her entry for this week's Lego quest challenge. A very traditional playground with monkey bars, picnic table, seesaw, slide and merry go round. The merry go round spins and the seesaw goes up and down. Grace really enjoys the Lego challenges
Next Grace has been working on hand drawn note cards to sell at our church's holiday bazaar. Her and hubby will have a table together with Scott selling hand made walking sticks. I was going to participate also until I found out that the Simply Charlotte Mason Seminar was on the same day. Grace may decided to also create some jewelry twine, etc. Most of the proceeds will go to our church's building fund which built our family life center about three years ago. We agreed to let her keep a little. I think I still might bake a couple of items for them to take and sell.


Frances said...

I love Legos! Grace's cards are really pretty.

Deb said...

Oh, those are cute! I like the middle one especially.