Friday, September 3, 2010


We moved to the North GA mountain area 7 years ago to a small, great community. I am ashamed to say that since moving her we have not recycled anything. Obviously my husband repurposes alot of items such as wood, metal, etc. Some of it is actually in our house as furniture, flooring, chicken coop, etc. Our town does not have curbside recycling. In the past 6 - 8 mths living a more simple life and taking better care of the Earth has been on my mind. We brought home a book about being more "green" and Grace read it. We decided to pick two items from the book to start doing and recycling was top on the list. Until you start recycling you just don't realize how much plastic goes in to your trash. In the picture above the blue bin is full and the crate above it, and this is just from about three weeks of saving items. In town there are three designated areas to drop items off for recycling. Unfortunately we are only talking about plastic with numbers 1 & 2, glass, aluminum, and newspaper. But I guess that is better than nothing. Next I need to start really watching what I buy and what sort of packaging it is in.

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DeanO said...

That's a good start. My wife and I moved out from CA and to our surprise, zero recycle opportunity. I give my aluminum away and take our cardboard to the local cardboard drop off but we'd love to see more recycle opportunities.