Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quiet Weekend

For the most part this weekend was very quiet and we stayed at the house. Here is how it kind of broke down:
Saturday - Woke up to rain falling which bummed out Grace because that meant no yard sales, but we actually needed the rain. Haven't seen any in about three weeks. Helped a friend cook a meal for a home school family in our support group whose mother had surgery this week. Went over to my mom's house and hubby walked her dog while we visited and watched House Hunters International.
Sunday - Got up and went to church. After church went out to lunch with some friends. Back to church again in the later afternoon for our first choir practice to get ready for our Christmas program. Can you believe Christmas is already so close? I can't. No where near prepared. Christmas will definitely be tighter this year. Just not enough cash to go around. Luckily last year we started planning ahead and preparing our children about the three present rule. Last year was the first year we only gave three gifts to each of them and life was good, no one felt cheated out of anything. This year it will probably be the same.

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Tracy said...

Ahhhh....the whole present thing! :) Growing up with 4 siblings, Christmas was scarce for the presents, but good on the joy. My kids understand that it is not all about the presents. Every year since being married, we have taken the kids to the store to buy toys for those less fortunate. We found this truly humbled our children. They have become thankful for anything under the tree. Some years have been better than others. Such is life! :) Doing things together as a family is where it is at doing something we know God would want us to do. And it doesn't have to be spending money on others. We may try something new this year like a soup kitchen or a nursing home visit. Have to start planning now! Glad you pointed out just how close Christmas is! :)