Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Changes

This year our Science has focused on the human body using Jeannie Fulbright's new book. We have accomplished the first three chapter. On Friday we went on a field trip about weather, climate and the water cycle. After not studying very much about it decided it was time to learn a little more. I picked up the above packet to make us a weather station to record weather in our area. The picture below shows the stickers of fronts, etc. to place on the map and are reusable. It also came with a guide on how to use everything and some hands on activities. So for the next couple of week we will be studying weather, recording our local weather in a journal. and learning a little about clouds too. I think we may end up stretching out the human body book over two years and supplementing other science materials in between for variety. Grace is also reading a book we go from the library about the rain forest.

Also decided to move us back in to the sun room which houses most of our school materials. Have been at the dining room table for the last 5 months but needed a change. Also needed wall space - none in the dining room, all windows - so sun room it is. We redid this desk last year and it did have the desk top computer on it which has since died which opens it up to be Grace's desk each day. We will see how this works out.


JRoberts said...

Where did you get that awesome weather package? This year we do a weather watch and that looks so awesome!

Diane said...

The weather package came from a local office supply store called Office Pros.