Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back To It

Okay maybe things can get back to normal now. I finished watching all four seasons of Prison Break (very addictive show) last night. Can't say that I liked the ending. But now that it is actually finished my obsession with the show can end. lol. Took my mom to her check up with her cancer doctor yesterday so was gone most of the day. Looks like we get three more months of reprieve. No new growths and the three growths that are there are stable and have not grown at all. She has felt better these past three months than the past two and half years of treatment. So for that we are very glad that we get to wait three more months before another scan. Especially since we have a special trip planned for the whole family over the Christmas Holidays. I will speak more of this later. It has rained every day all day since Saturday afternoon with the exception of one day. Getting tired of the rain, and I know my chickens are. Today will be just a day at home cleaning, cooking and schooling. Last night after I got home from taking my mom I went to the kitchen to start making some goodies. We were totally out of everything. Made some egg salad for lunches today and brownies for everyone's lunches. Today will probably make some choc. chip cookies and maybe some granola bars. Looking forward to a quiet day at home.

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Frances said...

I loved Prison Break and hated when it ended. Great news about your mom!