Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It has been so great to get back with our drama group from last year. Many new faces this year also. The elementary class has 14 students and the high school class has 11 students. Today both classes met together. Last week was actually our first class. Last week and this week we have focused on getting the kids out of their shells with drama games. Most of our students are returning from last year and really have no need to come out of their shells because they are already very used to performing. Grace really loves this group and was so excited to get back to it. Also it helps that her closest friend is taking drama this year. This semester we will be focusing on short skits and one Christian drama that we will perform in November. Next semester we will be performing the musical of Alice in Wonderland. Everyone excited about that. Doing musicals is a tradition with this drama group. Two years ago we did a musical of The Secret Garden and last year we did two musicals - Willy Wonka and The Music Man. This group spent alot of time together last year with practices and it is great to get back together for the new year.

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